FraGILe – Josephine’s Melody

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FraGILe – Inside Of Me


  • hurt (t.reznor)
  • bruckner reloaded (u.betz/a.bruckner)
  • the thrill is gone (hawkins/darnell)
  • almost yellow (u.betz)
  • siam belo (p.woisetschlaeger)
  • purple rain (prince)
  • my man’s gone now(gershwin, du bose heyward)
  • auld lang syne (trad./arr.woisetschlaeger)
  • balladesca (p.woisetschlaeger)
  • inside of me (p.woisetschlaeger)
  • you’ve got to give me room (o.adams)

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FraGILe – Smile


  1. nutbush city limits (t.turner)
  2. moondance (v.morrison)
  3. the carpet crawlers (genesis)
  4. someone to watch over me (g.&i.gershwin)
  5. calling you (r.telson)
  6. get out of town (c.porter)
  7. impro on etude tableaux op.39 no.5/
    nothing compares to you (s.rachmaninoff/prince)
  8. stones in my passway (r.johnson)
  9. smile (ch.chaplin)
  10. deep things (u.betz)
  11. shout (r.orzabal)

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FraGILe – Polarity

  1. ain’t nobody (d.wolinski)
  2. holding back the years (m.hucknall,n.moss)
  3. wish you were here (r.waters, d.gilmour)
  4. digging in the dirt (p.gabriel)
  5. get here (b.russell)
  6. cry me ariver (a.hamilton)
  7. love is alive (g.wright)
  8. i don’t wanna grow up (t.waits/k.brennan)
  9. baby love (mother’s finest)
  10. polarity (u.betz)
  11. losing my mind (st.sondheim)
  12. on a clear day (b.lane)

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FraGILe – FraGILe


  1. light my fire (doors)
  2. cerainly (e.badu,m.chinwah)
  3. sweet dreams (a.lennox,d.stewart)
  4. tri 4/6 (u.betz)
  5. if you love somebody (sting)
  6. fragile (sting)
  7. sorry seems to be the hardest word (e.john/b.taupin)
  8. lady marmelade (crewe/nolan)
  9. roxanne (sting)
  10. que sera (j.livingston/h.cole)
  11. crazy (seal)
  12. abgesang-my funny valentine (r.rodgers,l.hart)

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